Vietnam trip in November 2022

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Are you hungry for an exciting mix of unforgettable adventures through the culture, flavors, and culinary heritage of regional and global cuisines? Open Kitchen’s chef-designed and curated Culinary Escapades connects you to extraordinary travel experiences.

Vietnam trip in November 2022

Each Culinary Escapade is uniquely designed to showcase a destination’s unique culinary heritage through a wide range of immersive activities from cooking classes with local chefs, visiting local makers and producers, market and farm excursions, dining at generation-old eateries as well as tasting creations from a new generation of chefs, to exploring ancient towns and heritage sites, and soaking in the history and stories of the areas.

Open Kitchen’s Chef-Owner Hue-Chan Karels is your travel companion on these custom-curated Culinary Escapades that are expertly planned with our local travel partner and executed with the highest attention to details to provide you with unique, memorable experiences. Open Kitchen is supported by a team of local guides to manage all logistics and nuances. You can be assured that you will be cared for from beginning to end.

We will inspire your taste buds, connect your mind and body, and entice you to broaden your knowledge of the relationship between food and culture.

Open Kitchen Escapades – the joy is in the journey.

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Vietnam culinary adventure tours

“Join me and Open Kitchen on an inspiring, curated Culinary Escapade to Việt-Nam! Whether you’ve been to Việt-Nam or it’s on your “bucket list,” I invite you to experience my homeland and take a deep dive into Việt-Nam’s heart and soul through her spirited culinary heritage.”

Dates: November 1 – 16, 2022

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