Culinary Escapades with Open Kitchen

Experience Việt-Nam - Authentically, Deeply, and Deliciously

Open Kitchen's cooking and dining experiences deepen connections, honor local food with inspired global flavors, and celebrate the kitchen as the center of sensory pleasure, healthy living, learning, and community.

Chef Hue-Chan Karels

You will experience food and community in a new way when you share in all that Chef Hue-Chan Karels offers.

Chef Hue-Chan Karels of Open Kitchen Santa Fe

Thank you to the community that is as vibrant as the food we celebrate!

"Had our Rehearsal Dinner at Open Kitchen and it was phenomenal! 10/10 would recommend the chefs, crew, setting, ambiance, and fantastic food. They made our meal so memorable!
Thank you Open Kitchen!"
Lyric, 2021