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Lost, Found, Re-imagining

Chef-Hue Chan teamed up with Santa Fe gems Carlos Carulo and Ceci Tadofr to launch Lost, Found, Re-imagining. This video series shares food stories about culture, identity, displacement, and resiliency. The first three episodes will be done in collaboration with SITE Santa Fe as a follow-up to their Digest This! Series.

For the first video Chef Hue-Chan Karels made Bánh Cuốn – Vietnamese steamed rice crêpes filled with ground pork & shiitake mushrooms, served with Nước Chấm – Vietnamese dipping sauce, bean sprouts and fresh herbs. “This dish was the last dish my family and I feasted on as we departed Vietnam on April 23, 1975 – a week before Saigon fell.”


Lost, Found, Reimagining

Part of SITE Santa Fe’s

2020 Digest This! Series


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