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12 ounces of handcrafted, all-natural Hibiscus Syrup is great for cocktails, mocktails, or as an addition to your recipes.

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This handcrafted, all-natural syrup is made with cane sugar and natural dried hibiscus flowers, which are packed with antioxidants which offer heart-healthy benefits, such as lowering blood pressure.

You can use these as a cocktail mix by adding to vodka, gin, tequila, rum, or sparkling wine. Or, make it a “mocktail” using seltzer or soda water or add some flavor to an iced tea – whatever suits your fancy!  Each 12 oz jar of syrup can be used to make approximately 10 to 15 cocktails or mocktails. Click here for suggested recipes for this Hibiscus Syrup

You can also get creative and use our syrups in your recipes. Inject into layers of cake before you add your icing. Use them when you poach fruits like pears, apples, or peaches or add a drizzle to your fruit salad. Create marinades when baking or grilling fish or meat. If you have ideas, share them at the Open Kitchen Facebook Group!

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