Open Pantry

From our kitchen to yours.

Welcome to Open Pantry! Now you can have even more hand-crafted food from both our in-house chefs and those popping up in our kitchen. Below, find a list of our Open Pantry offerings to add deliciousness to your kitchen. Open Pantry is available EVERY MONDAY between 2pm-6pm at Open Kitchen located at 227 Don Gaspar Avenue (In the Santa Fe Village across from Del Charro). Come over and join us for some handmade delicious goodies!

Weekly Soups

Our delicious Weekly Soups, from our Cooked and Delivered menu, will now be available for pickup every Monday from 2pm – 6pm at our Open Pantry.    All items will be sold first come first serve.  

Month of July 2021

Silky Carrot & Ginger Coconut Soup

Creamy Miso Mushroom Soup

Soups 16 oz. each - $13

or 32 oz. each - $25

All-Natural Simple Syrups

These handcrafted, all-natural syrups are made with organic cane sugar & either fresh organic ginger, organic hibiscus, or organic lemongrass. You can use these as a cocktail mix by adding to vodka, gin, tequila, rum, or sparkling wine. Or, make it a “mocktail” using seltzer or soda water or add some flavor to an iced tea – whatever suits your fancy! Each 12 oz jar of syrup can be used to make approximately 10 to 15 cocktails or mocktails.

You can also get creative and use our syrups in your food recipes. Inject into layers of cake before you add your icing. Use them when you poach fruits like pears, apples, or peaches or add a drizzle to your fruit salad. Create marinades when baking or grilling fish or meat. 

Ginger Syrup

Handmade Organic Ginger Cocktail Mocktail Syrups from the Pantry at Open Kitchen cocktail mix

Ginger is an immune-boosting herb that is loaded with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.


12 ounces 

Hibiscus Syrup

Handmade Organic Hibiscus Cocktail Mocktail Syrups from the Pantry at Open Kitchen cocktail mix

Hibiscus flowers are packed with antioxidants which offer heart-healthy benefits, such as lowering blood pressure.


12 ounces 

Lemongrass Syrup

Handmade Organic Lemongrass Cocktail Mocktail Syrups from the Pantry at Open Kitchen cocktail mix

Lemongrass aids in digestion and helps you cope with cold, cough and flu.


12 ounces 

Quick Pickled Foods

Handmade using produce from the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market and specialty markets, such as Talin Market World Food Fare, these pickled vegetables are made to order and are great as a snack or to keep on hand to enhance you meal as a condiment or a side. 

Vietnamese Rainbow Carrot & Daikon Pickles

These traditional Vietnamese pickles use carrots and daikon from the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market and they add color, crunch, and flavor to almost any dish – salads, fresh rice paper rolls, tacos, burritos, sliders, sandwiches and more.


12 ounces 

Rainbow pickled foods

Pickled carrots are great for your skin because they are high in beta-carotene, vitamin A, and antioxidants. Plus, these are an excellent source of probiotics which help strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammation.

Open Kitchen Baked Goods

Lemony Lavender-Drop Cookies

Let us bring the sweetness to you with this delicious co comfort combo of featuring Open Kitchen’s Lemony Lavender Drop Cookies and soup of the week.

$13  1/2 doz 

Stone Fruit Ginger Galette

“Happiness” is what we call this care + comfort combo! Imagine our homemade buttery crust layered with a sweet and tangy variety of stone fruit and baked to golden brown perfection. Yum!


B.L.T. (Bacon, Leek, Tomato) Galette

BLT Galette for Cooked and Delivered by Open Kitchen Santa Fe

This week’s French free-form tart, made with a home-made herb crust layered, is an Open Kitchen version of a BLT! 



Based on requests, we will be offering some of our popular condiments such as pesto, sauces, marinades, and vinaigrettes soon!

Quality & Safety are our priorities!

Open Kitchen events in Santa Fe gives you food that is hand-made with love using fresh ingredients
Open Kitchen in Santa Fe uses local organic and seasonal ingredients
Open Kitchen events in Santa Fe maintains a strict high standard for food safety