DATE: February 3, 2020
TIME: 6:00-9:00pm
LOCATION: Open Kitchen

Join Open Kitchen for an evening of hands-on cooking and dining! Rice, vegetables, and herbs are the main attractions in most Vietnamese and Thai dishes, with meats used more as condiments than as main courses. Vietnamese and Thai food is primarily free of gluten and diary, cooked with minimal use of oil. For this class, a vegan menu has been designed from classical Vietnamese and Thai dishes as well as the inclusion of some innovative creations.

You will cook alongside with Hue-Chan and a team of attentive chef assistants and go “behind-the-scenes” to experience hands-on cooking in a commercial kitchen. Learn techniques, recipes, and tips used by professional chefs that you can take back to your home kitchen. Then, feast on the fruits of your labor among a community of food lovers…make new friends and have fun!

$95 per person, includes tax. You will experience an engaging, intimate, and memorable hands-on cooking and dining event with recipes to take back to your home kitchen.