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Baguette & Beyond: French Influence on Vietnamese Cuisine

Sunday, November 10, 2019
Hands-on Cooking Class + Lunch: 11 am to 2 pm
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Join Open Kitchen for this unique opportunity to experience cooking and dining in a commercial kitchen and learning about different cuts of meat, butchering techniques for home use and various knife skills. Dr. Field Goods Restaurant and Butcher Shop is an award-winning local Santa Fe treasure. Don’t miss this event, space is limited.


France colonized Vietnam from 1887 to 1954 and left its mark on Vietnamese cuisine with the introduction of ingredients such as onions, white potatoes, and asparagus; staples such as coffee and baguette; and cooking techniques such as baking, making broths and crepes, and sautéing. Whether you chose our hands-on cooking class or to dine with us, you will taste and experience how the Vietnamese absorbed French culinary influence — not accepting it as-is, but rather integrating these new additions in their own way, tailoring the ingredients to their way of eating and cooking.

Open Kitchen is committed to sourcing as many ingredients locally and from local partners as feasible…from Dr. Field Goods Butcher Shop, Above Sea Level, the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market, and others.

This class is part of of our Pho and Beyond: Vietnamese Food Culture Series

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