DATE: April 27, 2020
TIME: 6:15pm – 9:30pm
LOCATION: Paloma, 401 S Guadalupe St, Santa Fe, NM 87501


Open Kitchen Chef-Owner Hue-Chan Karels has created a menu of dishes inspired by her recent trip back home to Việt-Nam, where she and her husband traveled to diverse parts of the country. From the uber-urban Hồ Chí Minh City (“Saigon”) to the Mekong Delta – the rich and fertile rice basket of Việt-Nam, to the quaint ancient town of Hội An and Imperial City of Huế, to Hạ Long Bay (“descending dragon”), and Hà Nội, one of the most ancient capitals in the world, each dish highlights distinctive flavors and cooking traditions of Việt-Nam’s regional cuisines.

Each dish has been beautifully paired with sakes from Floating World. Linda Tetrault, co-owner of Floating World and certified sake sommelier, who worked with Hue-Chan to pair the sakes, will be joining us to discuss the sakes.

Món Ăn Nhậu – Vietnamese Tapas
Nhậu means “together” in Vietnamese and Món Ăn Nhậu are small plates of foods that inspire the gathering of friends for feasting and drinking…for any reason! Here are some of my favorites!

Cuốn Tôm Hà Nội Với Rau Riếp
Hà Nội-style lettuce wrap with shrimp, pickled green papaya, and rice vermicelli with Nước Chấm, Vietnamese traditional dipping sauce.

Hến Xúc Bánh Đa Mè Dừa
 Huế specialty of sautéed clams with ginger, lemongrass, fresh herbs, peanuts, fried shallots, chili,
served with coconut sesame rice cakes from the Mekong Delta

Bánh Xèo Cuốn
 Hội An’s style of eating the famous “Bánh Xèo” pork and shrimp crepes is wrapped in fresh rice paper
with lettuce and fresh herbs with peanut sauce

Bò Nướng Lá Nho
 Sài Gòn’s famous grilled beef with a hint of curry and lemongrass in grape leaves
Paired with Kaze no Mori (“Wind of the Woods”) – Effervescent and bright, a unique collection of ricey, earthy, woody, banana, and pear aromas.

Gỏi – Salad
Gỏi Chôm Chôm và Khế ~ Mekong Delta rambutan, star fruit, and shrimp salad
Paired with Joto Daiginjo – “Dai” means great or big; “ginjo” is the upper echelon of sake. Daiginjo is the highest, the ultimate. Hints of crushed sage on the nose, spiced apple on the palate, finishes with a supple satin texture.

Món Chính – Main
This is a typical Vietnamese family dinner – humble and incredibly flavorful.

Rau Muống Xào ~ Stir-fried Morning Glory with garlic
Gà Xào Xả Ớt – Caramelized lemongrass chicken
Cơm nước cốt dừa – Jasmine rice with coconut milk
Paired with Chogetsu Junmai Ginjo ‘Clear Moon’ – Aroma of pineapple and tropical fruits/flowers.

Tráng Miệng – Dessert with a Little Imagination
Grilled Pineapple with Tamarind and Fish Sauce Caramel with Peanut Sprinkles
Paired with “Crazy Milk” Junmai Nigori – Earthy notes with aromas of hay, grass, and woody.

  • $129.00 plus tax per person, includes Chef’s Curated Dinner of 9 distinctive Vietnamese regional dishes, 4 sake pairings, and service.
  • $109.00 plus tax per person, includes Chef’s Curated Dinner of 9 distinctive Vietnamese regional dishes, and service. (NO SAKE)

Please select SAKE or NO SAKE from the drop down menu – price will be adjusted accordingly at checkout.