DATE: Sunday, January 19, 2020
TIME: 10:00am – 2:00pm
LOCATION: Open Kitchen Events, 112 West San Francisco Suite 310, Santa Fe, NM

Pilates and Cooking create a recipe for self-care that can be easily customized to fit your lifestyle.

WHY: The practice of self-care is essential for our well-being. We spend so much time activating our bodies, minds, and emotional energy during the week that it’s important to intentionally pause and make time for some needed self-care.  Open Kitchen’s Chef-Owner, Hue-Chan Karels, and dare to be fit’s founder, Michelle Cushing, have created a relaxing day just for you.  They’ve paired their passions for good health and cooking to create and share their unique and integrated recipe for self-care that can be easily customized to fit your lifestyle.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Join Hue-Chan and Michelle for an intentional time-out to center your mind and body and restore from the core the energy that you expended during the week, as well as to build up a reservoir for the coming week. As entrepreneurs with ambitious schedules, they believe this “time-out” for self-care is crucial for physical, emotional, and mental well-being and want to share their integrated practice with you. Here is what you can expect from this uniquely designed event:

We will begin our day together with Michelle demonstrating and guiding you through a series of stretching and Pilates exercises that help you release tension and stress, awaken the flow of internal energy, promote muscle lengthening, and increase your core flexibility. Michelle will show you how these movements and breathing techniques can easily be performed whether you’re at home, work, or traveling to maintain mind-body fitness all year around.

As your body and mind become centered, we will begin to focus on healthful ways to replenish your internal organs and systems with nourishment.

Cooking is one of the most beautiful acts of self-care and Hue-Chan has designed a hands-on cooking menu with foods that are known to restore our bodies, from reducing inflammation, healing our guts, nourishing our muscles and tissues, and making our skin look radiant!

We will share how to approach cooking in a mindful way to connect and integrate your mind and body as a helpful, meditative practice. Cooking is also a way to channel and transform negative energy and express emotions through a different medium.

You will cook alongside with Hue-Chan, Michelle, and a team of attentive chef assistants and go “behind-the-scenes” and experience hands-on cooking in a commercial kitchen. Learn techniques, recipes, and tips used by professional chefs that you can take back to your home kitchen.

Feast on the fruits of your labor among a community of food lovers…make new friends and have fun!



COST & BENEFITS:$135 per person, includes tax. You will experience an engaging, intimate, and memorable day of self-care with Pilates exercises and hands-on cooking that will help you center your body and mind, and share the joy of eating your cooking creations among a community of friends with recipes to take back to your home kitchen.