Culinary Escapades

Experience the World. Authentically, Deeply, and Deliciously.

Nov 1-16, 2022

July 2023

Are you hungry for an exciting mix of unexpected adventures through the culture, flavors and culinary techniques of regional and global cuisines?  With Open Kitchen’s chef-designed and chef-guided Culinary Escapades, you’ll taste your way through food and farmers markets. Walk alongside the Chefs as they talk with the farmers and select the freshest ingredients.  Learn about how the ingredients are used in the cuisine as the chef’s give you a behind the scene look at local kitchens and as you prepare your meal together.  Finally, dine on your meal with the chefs as you discuss the day. 


An Open Kitchen Escapade has more to offer than just food. We allow time to wander and connect with the culture through the shops, wineries, galleries and rich history of our amazing destinations. Soak up the vibrant, bustling atmosphere of a Hanoi night market.  Wander through a local Tuscany winery for a tasting or visit one of the many art galleries in Door County, Wisconsin and you immerse yourself in the local traditions that make a place truly unique.


We will inspire your taste buds, connect your mind and body, and entice you to broaden your knowledge of the relationship between food and culture. Open Kitchen Escapades – the joy is in the journey.

Virtual Connection

Food can nourish our spirits and nurture our connections with others. It can tell tales of who we are – our cultural identity, traditions, beliefs, and unique histories – and grounds us with a sense of place. To help keep community together, we started the Open Kitchen Facebook Group. Use this space to share stories, recipes, new ideas, creative discoveries, and meaningful traditions and form new connections in our community.

Quality & Safety are our priorities!

Open Kitchen events in Santa Fe gives you food that is hand-made with love using fresh ingredients
Open Kitchen in Santa Fe uses local organic and seasonal ingredients
Open Kitchen events in Santa Fe maintains a strict high standard for food safety