Cork + Fork™

Pairing Open Kitchen's handmade food with locally produced hand-crafted drinks

Open Kitchen is excited to bring our Cork + Fork™ Chef Tasting menus, that originated from our Washington DC Metro beginning, to Santa Fe and the surrounding areas to pair our handmade food with locally produced hand-crafted drinks. We partner with local wineries, breweries, and distilleries to create unique food pairings to elevate the tasting experience for each carefully crafted Cork + Fork™ Chef Tasting menu.

Cork + Fork™ Chef Tasting Boxes and Pairings

How Does It Work?

• Each Cork + Fork™ menu is designed as “inspired picnic boxes” with freshly prepared food items that are delicious chilled or at room temperature and individually packaged.

• Pairing information/materials are included with the boxes.

• There is a minimum order of 10 Cork + Fork™ boxes of the same menu and requires 48-hour advance reservation and prepayment. Each box is $39 plus delivery fee and applicable taxes. The boxes do not include drink pairings or tastings.

• For more information and/or to reserve the Cork + Fork™ boxes, please contact Open Kitchen’s Chef-Owner, Hue-Chan Karels at (202) 285-9840.

Experience an Exciting Food and Drink Collaboration