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Food made with love. Delivered to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ingredients & Preparation

As a priority, Open Kitchen sources our ingredients from local farmers, producers, and vendors and choose organic and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. 

We are long-time supporters of and friends with the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market.

Our fish items are sourced through local fishmonger, Above Sea Level

We source herbs and specialty items from Talin Market.

And, we supplement from Whole Foods, La Montañita Co-op, and Natural Grocers.

Our meals use fresh foods. We do not prepare your meals with any additives or preservatives.

Our menus offer a variety of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy free options. If a menu item meets specific dietary restrictions, it is listed beneath the menu item’s name.

Yes! Our handmade meals will be prepared in a commercial, permitted kitchen that is routinely inspected by the New Mexico Environment Department. 

Our handmade foods are prepared and packaged in microwave-safe, recyclable containers with re-heating/assembling instructions and “best by” dates.  These containers are placed in tamperproof, sealed delivery bags.

Open Kitchen has always maintained a highly disciplined standard with food safety and environmental cleanliness compliance.  We operate in a commercially licensed kitchen facility that is routinely inspected by the New Mexico Environment Department. Handwashing & sanitizing stations are accessible and in close proximity for all work areas; frequent handwashing is mandatory for all team members.  All of our food production team members are NM Food Handler Certified.

All Open Kitchen team members are screened for COVID-19 related symptoms before their shift begins.

Through every step of the process – purchasing & transporting ingredients, preparation, packaging, and delivery – our food handling processes have become even more strict than before. You and your meals will be safe.


If you are picking up at our Santa Fe kitchen location or having it delivered to a Santa Fe County location, visit the Cooked + Delivered Santa Fe page to view current menus. Choose the week you would like meals delivered to see the options available that week. Order buttons are located at each menu option. Your order must be placed by Thursday at 6pm to receive delivery of your meals by 6pm the following Monday.


If you ordering for Los Alamos, visit the Cooked + Delivered Los Alamos page to view current menus. Choose the week you would like meals delivered to see the options available that week. Order buttons are located at each menu option. You must place your order by Monday at 6pm for your meal to be delivered to Bathtub Row Brewery Co-Op and ready for you to pick up from 4 – 6 pm on the following Wednesday.

At this time, we can only process menu selections for the designated week.  However, we will feature popular items again on future weekly menus.  Email us at to let us know which menu items you would like to be featured again! 

Most of our menu items freeze well.  So, if you see something you like, you can always order and freeze and eat later!

Yes! You can pre-order and pay for future weeks.  Please create a separate order for each delivery week.  The ordered items will follow the designated delivery schedule.

We’re starting with a limited menu and will expand as our service evolves.  Email us at to let us know what you’d like to see on our menu! 

Additionally, our catering team can provide you with menus for private catering at your home or business. Please contact us at!

Currently, we are not requiring a minimum for our food orders.

You’re never going to want to cancel because these chef-crafted meals are so delicious! However, we understand that in some cases, it can’t be helped.  In these situations, you may cancel your order BEFORE the respective weekly deadline date and we will apply your credit to another week’s menu selections. To cancel your order call 202-285-9840 or email us at info@openkitchenvents.comNOTE: Unfortunately, we cannot honor any cancellation after the order deadline date.

Delivery in Santa Fe

Our meals from Cooked + Delivered Santa Fe are delivered Mondays between 12pm and 6pm. To meet that delivery time, orders must be placed on the previous Thursday by 6pm.

When you place your order you will need to select a 2-hour window for delivery when someone can receive and refrigerate the foods. This is to ensure that the foods will be properly received and stored. We cannot guarantee the freshness of your meal if no one is available during the time you designate for delivery.

Arrangements for delivery to gated communities must be made in advance by providing instructions when you place your order.

Our handmade meals are packaged in oven and/or microwave-safe, recyclable containers with re-heating instructions. They are delivered to you sealed bags. To ensure compliance with food safety requirements, we transport all meals in coolers and deliver directly to your home/business address you designate. We leave your packaged foods at the location you designate (for example, front doorstep). 


This practice of “No-Contact Delivery” is in response to COVID-19 and is our effort to ensure your health and safety and that of our driver.



Our driver will alert you via text to confirm the meal drop-off within your designated delivery time range and location.  IMPORTANT:  You will need to confirm receipt of your meal via text to our driver.

There is a flat delivery fee of $5.99. The cost increases by 80 cents per mile after the first 5 miles from our downtown location. The total delivery fee will be calculated at check-out when you enter your delivery location.


The delivery fee does not include gratuity for the driver.  Gratuity is not included at checkout. You may tip the driver at your discretion upon delivery.

All of our meals are delivered by our dedicated team members.  You can be assured that your foods will be delivered with care.

All pickups at Open Kitchen in Santa Fe must be done between 4pm and 6pm on Monday. 

Storage & Heating

To ensure your delivered meal remains safe, we ask that upon receipt, you place your foods in the refrigerator at 40 °F or below until you are ready to consume them.  


You can also choose to freeze your delivery until you are ready to consume the food.


When ready to eat your meals, simply thaw (if frozen), heat, and eat! Specific re-heating instructions and “best by” dates are provided with each meal.

DO NOT place the lids of any containers in the microwave.  


If re-heating food items in the oven, please remove from delivered containers and place into oven-safe containers. It is best to bring the items to room temperature from the refrigerator and/or completely thaw the items (if frozen). 


Most food items can be placed in an oven at 300°F or until the desired food temperature is reached (usually 10-15 minutes).


It is easier and you will get a better result if you reheat soups and stews and some dishes on the stove top, covered, and over low heat.


We will provide re-heating instructions for each food item with your delivery.


Yes! All our menu items (including current and past menu items) are available for delivery for a catered party. Please contact us at for more details.

Quality & Safety are our priorities!

Open Kitchen events in Santa Fe gives you food that is hand-made with love using fresh ingredients
Open Kitchen in Santa Fe uses local organic and seasonal ingredients
Open Kitchen events in Santa Fe maintains a strict high standard for food safety