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Meal Delivery in Santa Fe & Los Alamos

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Globally-inspired flavors made with local food.

Handmade with love. Delivered to you

Global flavors are tasted in every dish. You can experience something new and delectable every week! These globally-inspired prepared meals are carefully crafted by Chef Hue-Chan Karels and guest chefs and are delivered to your door.

Local foods are used in every dish. Our ingredients are always fresh. And, whenever possible, we buy local, organic, and seasonal so your meal is packed with the nutrients you need to maintain a strong immune system.


"Ordering weekly from you ,when I can, is 'my special treat' during these happy to have discovered Open Kitchen!"

“Your food! The symphony of flavors were outstanding. Your special touches were sublime, shiso in the salad, fennel in the kimchi, licorice/anise in the pork were delightful surprises. Thank you for the love you put in your food!!! ❤️”

Quality & Safety are our priorities!

Open Kitchen events in Santa Fe gives you food that is hand-made with love using fresh ingredients
Open Kitchen in Santa Fe uses local organic and seasonal ingredients
Open Kitchen events in Santa Fe maintains a strict high standard for food safety