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Magic happens when people gather around a table to share a meal. As James Beard said, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” What we eat and how it’s prepared tells a tale of who we are – our cultural identity, beliefs and unique histories. When we eat food from another culture, we connect with the special place to which it belongs.

Conceived by Open Kitchen’s Chef-Owner, Hue-Chan Karels, Table 2 ∙ 3 ∙ 1™ consist of the design and production of unique culinary experiences featuring dishes from two different food cultures, using three common ingredients, and concluding with a dessert that unites both cultures to produce one amazing meal. Table 2 ∙ 3 ∙ 1™ events celebrate both the commonality and diversity of cultures through the lens of food. We live in a delicious world full of incredible diversity and unique culinary traditions and recipes! No two Table 2 ∙ 3 ∙ 1™ events are alike and the combinations of food cultures are infinite.


How It Works

Open Kitchen serves as the Event Producer and organizes the collaboration between chefs and culinary professionals to design and present the event.

Table 2 ∙ 3 ∙ 1™ can be a private event, such as a dinner during an organizational strategic planning meeting or conference, at a festival, as a nonprofit fundraiser, or a social event. Or, it can be a ticketed public event, such as a “popup dinner” or at a festival.

Table 2 ∙ 3 ∙ 1™ are impactful, memorable events. Our Open Kitchen culinary team mindfully crafts each event to honor the spirit of how food, and the act of sharing a meal together with a community, can help us find common grounds.

Capturing food tales. Open Kitchen memorializes each Table 2 ∙ 3 ∙ 1™ event with the stories it tells through recipes, pictures, and/or videos. Table 2 ∙ 3 ∙ 1™ cookbooks are in the making to bring to home kitchens a collection of distinctive menus and recipes from these events.

Table 2 ∙ 3 ∙ 1™ is about exploring and connecting with each other and the love, respect, and tradition of the food we eat. We invite you on a journey of the senses that brings together distinctive and complementary flavors and aromas, and celebrates a deeper appreciation of the cultures, traditions, and stories behind the food.

Quality & Safety are our priorities!

Open Kitchen events in Santa Fe gives you food that is hand-made with love using fresh ingredients
Open Kitchen in Santa Fe uses local organic and seasonal ingredients
Open Kitchen events in Santa Fe maintains a strict high standard for food safety