Dear Friends,

While physical travel is on the lock down, our taste buds are not! Here at Open Kitchen, we leverage the diversity that make up our team and network of colleagues, from cultural heritage (Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Hawaii, Native America, West Africa, South America, and different regions of the U.S.) and culinary backgrounds to travel experiences to create unique menus every week to keep your dinner table exciting and of course, delicious! In fact, please click to our Vietnamese Tapas – Let’s Nhau event right now to register for our six-course tapas menu for pick up or delivery on February 5th.  Registration for this in-home curated dinner ends tomorrow, February 1st.

Speaking of delicious diversity, we are very honored and excited to have Chef David Sellers as a guest chef for our Cooked + DeliveredTM menu the week of February 15th. Chef Dave has honed his craft, drawing from a culinary journey of experience that spans over twenty years. With his diverse background and extensive traveling exploration to San Francisco, New England, Europe, Asia and etc., Chef Dave has created a creative menu for you to enjoy at home the week of February 15th. To learn more about Chef David, please visit Chef David Sellers.