Dear Friend

It feels like January is slipping through our finger tips! As we work through the myriad of permits and details to move into our new location on 227 Don Gaspar Avenue, facing West Alameda Street, cooking for you all is our happiness and escape from the paperwork for a little bit!

We are on track to move into our new home by the middle of February!

Exciting Events in February!  
Let us bring you some culinary sparks when life feels monotonous during these stay-at-home days.

First, please be reminded that the LAST DAY to register for our February 5th Let’s Nhau – A Taste of Vietnamese Tapas is coming around the corner on February 1st! Please visit our website for menu details and registration link: Open Kitchen Let’s Nhậu! A Feast of Vietnamese Tapas – February 5th (

Second, I’m delighted to invite you to take part in another Open Kitchen dining experience to benefit our local communities! Open Kitchen is proud to be a part of the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico’s 16th Annual Sweetheart Auction!  We have created a special “Heart Healthy Feast” Dinner as part of the Sweetheart Auction festivities on February 11, 2021.  20% of the proceeds will be contributed to the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico. Please visit our website for more details and registration link: Open Kitchen Virtual Sweetheart Auction Dinner – February 11th (

Last but not least, I am thrilled that Chef David Sellers will be our guest chef for the Cooked + Delivered™ February 15th menu!  Chef Dave was one of the very first core group of friends I made when I moved to Santa Fe from Washington, DC in 2014 and he has evolved to become a great, trusted friend and colleague.  Back in June 15, 2019, Open Kitchen was an in-kind sponsor for Kitchen Angels benefit dinner by designing and executing Open Kitchen’s Table 2-3-1™ concept that featured my collaboration with Chef Dave to present an amazing wine pairing dinner featuring dishes using three common ingredients from the Italian and Vietnamese food cultures and concluding with a sweet surprise dessert that unites both cultures. The benefit dinner met and surpassed Kitchen Angels’ sponsorship and ticket sales goals!
Please be on the look out for Chef Dave’s creative and carefully crafted menu for the week of February 15th!

Until next week…Thank you and have a good weekend!