Happy Halloween! This certainly is a different kind of year…so scary and surreal in so many ways! But, I hope you are feasting on the gorgeous autumn weather we are blessed with today in the Santa Fe area – although this past week gave us a glimpse of winter with our first snow fall!

As 2020 winds down, Open Kitchen is staying busy testing recipes and creating menus to bring you comforted AND elevated dining experiences at home through our weekly Cooked + Delivered™ services and special curated events. After 4 months of cooking our weekly meals, we would love to get your feedback on menus and offerings. For those who have not tried our freshly prepared meals that are safely packaged and come with storage (including freezing), reheating, and final assembling instructions, I extend a personal invitation!

Speaking of invitation, Open Kitchen has several great events coming up that I’d like to share with you. First is the 8th Annual Hungry Mouth Festival – an awesome community event on November 14th – that I am proud to volunteer as a guest chef with four other women chefs from our amazing Santa Fe culinary scene. Together, we will create a spectacular 5-course dinner that is prepared for you to dine in the comfort of your home. All proceeds from this great event will be donated to St. Elizabeth Shelters to make the community better for those in need. Please join me to support this worthy cause and register at: Hungry Mouth Festival.

The next event I’d like to share with you is a vibrant and delicious Open Kitchen curated event for Delivery & Pickup in Santa Fe area – Let’s Nhậu!

“Nhậu” (‘neow’) means “together” in Vietnamese. Nhậu dishes are small plates of foods that inspire the gathering of friends for feasting and drinking…for any reason! And, as we wind down this incredible year of social distancing, isolation, and uncertainties…I believe this type of event that exudes comfort and human connection through food is EXACTLY what we need! Let Open Kitchen BRING YOU an original curated menu that re-imagines and celebrates the essence of the Vietnamese Nhậu drinking and eating culture—the equivalent of Japanese izakayas or Spanish tapas.

Help us share the excitement! Thank you.