KEEP CALM & COOK ON!  I launched Open Kitchen’s weekly prepared meal delivery service—Cooked + Delivered™ — almost four months ago (seems longer!) as my very personal response to the unprecedented situation and unnerving new reality the coronavirus pandemic has brought about. Looking back at my life, the act of cooking and feeding family and friends has always brought me a sense of grounding and calmness in the midst of uncertainties.  I’m not alone.  Many of us cook as an act of love when words don’t do justice to the hurts and pains and fears and loss around us.  We cook to care for ourselves and our community. We cook to express our emotions, keep alive our creative spirits, maintain our sanity and sense of normalcy.  

And Open Kitchen has been cooking! My Culinary Team and I are driven by our commitment to provide freshly cooked, healthy, globally and seasonally inspired, and delicious meals for you to enjoy in the comfort and safety of your home every week.  While this is a tall order for our little company, we see the purpose of our work more relevant today with the release of yesterday’s New Mexico coronavirus stats by the Health Department.  New Mexico reported its largest one-day total since the start of the pandemic. This is a sobering reality check that this pandemic is still very much a clear and present danger for all of us.  

We stand committed to do provide comfort and nourishments through the power of food.

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