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Kitchen is the heart and soul of community.

Community is a central tenet to the Open Kitchen philosophy. Every service we offer builds on interpersonal connections and helps create shared experiences.

We are passionate about creating, eating, and sharing. Food nourishes our bodies, our spirits, and our connections with others. Every meal is an opportunity to celebrate the kitchen as the center of sensory pleasure, healthy living, learning, creativity, and community.

You can see community in our signature event, Table 2-3-1, which brings two chefs together to share two cultures through food – an event that has been a fundraiser for local nonprofits.

You can see community Curated Events & Meals and Culinary Classes, which are often done in partnership with other local businesses, where we bring people together to connect over a shared love of food and culture.

Our story was written not just by the food we prepare, but also through the cultures that inspire our work, the relationships we have built, and the experiences we have shared. Now, more than ever, we must actively seek ways in which to foster connections and support our community. 

It’s a good thing chefs are known for being adaptable! We are accustomed to constantly changing variables, high stress environments, and navigating an industry that’s known to be economically volatile. But, even with those skills and experiences, it’s going to take team work to make it through our current unprecedented reality.

I am excited to announce our newest collaborations. And more are in the works! Santa Fe’s culinary artists are finding creative ways to support one another, support local farmers and businesses, and support you with nutritious, exciting foods. Because the kitchen is the heart of the community! 

Updates from the Kitchen - Chef Hue Chan Karelsand Open Kitchen blog and updates

Five Shades of Red

August 22, 2020

I have the distinct pleasure of collaborating with the Pojoaque Pueblo and sommelier Greg O’Byrne, the Executive Director of the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta. Together, on August 22, we will host a five-course al fresco dinner and wine pairing at Pojoaque’s beautiful La Mesita Ranch Estate

This is a carefully planned social-distant event limited to 32 guests. Seatings will be configured in accordance with each registration, up to 6 guests per table and with tables placed at least six feet apart. We will send guests guidance for how to take extra precautions as well as a COVID-19-related health survey before the event. And, of course, my team will follow strict guidelines to ensure the food and service is safe. 

Earlier this week, Walt and Stephanie Cameron from Edible New Mexico stopped by. They are consummate supporters of businesses involved with local food, so it was perfect that I was making my new BLT (Bacon, Leek, Tomato) Galette, which will be on the Cooked + Delivered menu for the week of August 10.

This galette is, itself, an example of collaboration – made with vegetables from the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market and bacon from Kyzer Farms in Albuquerque that was cured and smoked by Chef Josh Gerwin at Dr. Field Goods Butcher Shop.

Chef Josh is also selling prepared foods from The Open Kitchen Pantry! Stop by the Butcher Shop if you need to re-stock your coffers with vibrant pickled vegetables and organic syrups!

Chef Rocky Durham will be the Guest Chef for the weeks of August 17 & 24 of Cooked + DeliveredWe can’t divulge his menus just yet since they are being finalized as you read this. But, here’s a teaser: the entire first menu celebrates Provençal cuisine!

I am confident in Chef Rocky being the first chef who I hand the keys to the kitchen. He is highly skilled and has been serving up world-class, delectable seasonal dishes in fine-dining settings. There is no question that his menus will be fantastic. And, he has a food philosophy similar to our own: He believes that good food belongs to everyone and that the best food is locally grown; He shares knowledge and gives back to his community; And, he is excited to forge new paths built on partnership.

I have one more week to cook for you before Rocky steps in as Guest Chef (But, don’t worry – I will be back cooking a fresh new menu for Monday, August 31). I hope you enjoy eating these dishes as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Get your Cooked + Delivered order submitted by Thursday, August 6 at 6pm. Your meal will be ready for pick up or delivery on Monday, August 10 – fully cooked and prepared for you to heat for dinner that night using the instructions we provide or store to enjoy later

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