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Why Are You a Foodie?

1. Food is comforting

Did you have a rough day at work or get in an argument with a loved one? Is the news bringing you down? Maybe you unexpectedly had your car window smashed (so sorry, Chef.)

Food can provide a sense of well-being. There’s science behind it – highly palatable foods cause our brain to release dopamine, that hormone behind pleasure, reward & motivation. 

So ordering from Open Kitchen’s Cooked and Delivered or the July 12 Asian-Inspired Brunch will make you feel better!

2. Food allows you to live in the moment

Taste, smell, touch – food allows us to actively live in the moment, experiencing life and the world around us. The smell of good food lures you in. You start trying to discern what is in the dish. When you take that first bite of an excellent meal, everything around you disappears for a moment as you become focused on the flavors and textures. 

3. Food is a way to share cultures

Experience France with our savory Kale, Portobello Mushroom & Apple Galette or Peach & Salted Caramel Galette. Visit North Africa through the flavors of our Algerian Chicken Tagine or our Algerian Chickpea & Vegetable Tagine. Experience how worlds can blend together with the Japanese/French Miso-Sake Cod en Papillote or the Indian/Malaysian Green Lentil Chicken Curry. Visit Korea when tasting our kimchi or Vietnam with the Rainbow Carrot Pickles or Pickled Radish & Bok Choy Slaw. You can travel the world through your taste buds!

4. Food brings people together

Even in these times of social distancing, we can connect through our love of great food. Let Cooked + Delivered or the July 12 Asian-Inspired Brunch be the catalyst for finding a way to connect with friends and family. You could even share the meal via a video service.

Share your experience with one another, critique the chef’s recipe, brainstorm what you would do differently, or just ooh and ahh about what you loved.

5. Sharing a meal builds trust

This interview on NPR talks about this phenomena. “To eat the same food suggests that we are both willing to bring the same thing into our bodies. People just feel closer to people who are eating the same food as they do. And then trust, cooperation, these are just consequences of feeling close to someone.”

So, just as you can connect with friends and family, use a shared meal – even a virtual one – to connect with your colleagues and co-workers. Order from Cooked + Delivered or the July 12 Asian-Inspired Brunch, have it delivered to your team, share a meal over Zoom, and your team will form bonds and build trust in one another.

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Food made with love. Delivered to you.

Submit your order by Wednesday, July 8

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Submit your order by Wednesday, July 8 at 5pm. Your chef-prepared meal will be ready for pick up or delivery on Monday, July 13 – fully cooked and prepared so you can heat it up for dinner that night or freeze to enjoy later in the week. 

And please remember to tip our driver, Henry! He works hard to ensure your food is delivered safely and on time.

From the Pantry

Cocktail / Mocktail Syrup

Handmade Organic Ginger Cocktail Mocktail Syrups from the Pantry at Open Kitchen cocktail mix

Ginger is an immune-boosting herb that is loaded with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.


12 ounces (10-15 cocktails/mocktails)

Cocktail / Mocktail Syrup

Handmade Organic Hibiscus Cocktail Mocktail Syrups from the Pantry at Open Kitchen cocktail mix

Hibiscus flowers are packed with antioxidants which offer heart-healthy benefits, such as lowering blood pressure.


12 ounces (10-15 cocktails/mocktails)

Cocktail / Mocktail Syrup

Handmade Organic Lemongrass Cocktail Mocktail Syrups from the Pantry at Open Kitchen cocktail mix

Lemongrass aids in digestion and helps you cope with cold, cough and flu.



12 ounces (10-15 cocktails/mocktails)

Classic Korean

Kimchi from the Pantry at Open Kitchen Santa Fe

This classic Korean kimchi is a true expression of the complexity of umami, that elusive savory fifth taste.


12 ounces 

Vietnamese Rainbow
Carrot Pickles

Add color, crunch, and flavor to almost any dish – salads, fresh rice paper rolls, tacos, burritos, sliders, sandwiches and more.


12 ounces

Pickled Radish &
Bok Choy Slaw

Pickled Radish and Bok Choy Slaw - Pantry Item by Open Kitchen Santa Fe

The perfect topping for burgers & grilled meats. But, don’t limit yourself! Try adding these spicy & tart pickles to a variety of dishes


12 ounces

Quality & Safety are our priorities!

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Open Kitchen in Santa Fe uses local organic and seasonal ingredients
Open Kitchen events in Santa Fe maintains a strict high standard for food safety