Celebrate Diversity

July 1, 2020

This weekend is Independence Day, a holiday that represents a complicated history of the United States, especially in light of recent events that remind us that this nation does not treat all of us as equals. As individuals, we can embrace the July 4th holiday as a reminder that this country is home to diverse people and cultures and we are truly great because of it.

We are blessed by our access to indigenous food knowledge and a wide array of flavors from cultures around the globe. Open Kitchen has had the pleasure of working with chefs that represent this vast library of knowledge, including:

  • Chef Lois Ellen Frank (Kiowa Nation and Sephardic) and Chef Walter Whitewater (Diné Nation) who keep alive ancestral culinary techniques from across America at Red Mesa Cuisine;
  • Chef Ray Naranjo (from the Ancestral Pueblos of the Southwest and the Three Fires tribes of the Great Lakes) who honors ancestral foods at Pueblo Harvest;
  • Chef Jose “Kiko” Rodriguez (from Veracruz, Mexico) who has given us flavors from Mexico, Italy, Spain, and now Japan at Izanami;
  • Chef David Sellers who has shared food from New England and the Mediterranean and who has traveled extensively in both Europe and the Far East researching local cuisines;
  • Chef Matt Yohalem who shares his knowledge of Italian and Creole (which is influenced by French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, English, African, and Native American cooking); 
  • And, our very own Chef Hue-Chan Karels (Vietnamese) who, every week, celebrates global flavors such as Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Sicilian, Algerian, and so much more. And, she has formed a community space where we can all share our culture through story and food. 

All of us at Open Kitchen wish you a safe and joyful holiday weekend and we hope your celebrations honor the beauty of this country as reflected in the diverse cultures that live here and the foods they share with us.

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