Zibby Wilder of Santa Fe Reporter featured Open Kitchen and Table 2-3-1 TM in her June 25th publication bringing light to the concept of Table 2-3-1 TM 

Her first experience with Table 2-3-1TM  was while attending the Kitchen Angel Fundraiser on June 15th.  

Wilder writes: “At Table 2-3-1 TM , the night’s menu was billed as “an intimate exploration of food + culture.” A benefit for Kitchen Angels, a Santa Fe nonprofit that provides meals and companionship to homebound individuals, learning about other cultures and people through food seemed an apropos way to support an important community service.

The premise behind Table 2-3-1 TM is “2 cultures, 3 ingredients, 1 amazing meal.” Chefs Hue-Chan Karels, chef-owner of Open Kitchen (openkitchenevents.com), and David Sellers, recent champ of the New Mexico Cocktails & Culture Festival’s Taco Wars, paired up for a three-course meal of Vietnamese and Italian cuisines, a pairing that seems almost impossible to pull off. But pull it off they did, with delicious, inventive couplings.”  Read the full article here:  Santa Fe Reporter: Open Concept Kitchen