The B52s Feast on Lyrics VIP Party

10 September 2018  •  5:30 pm to 7:30 pm • Opera Club


Singing Blue Dolphins Jell-O Shots
(Inspired by Topaz)

Mermaids Wavin’ Ceviche
(Inspired by Rock Lobster)

Kiss Your Pineapple Chicken Sliders
(Inspired by Strobe Light)

Salmon Pops with Butter Bean Mint Sauce
(Inspired by Butterbean)

No Rock Lobster Quiche Bites
(Inspired by Rock Lobster and Quiche Lorraine)

Glitter  Red Chile Popcorn
(Inspired by Love Shack)

Devil’s Food Cupcake Cones with B52 Frosting
(Inspired by Cake)


After The Party

Following is an excerpt taken from the Kitchen Angel’s Fall 2018 Newsletter with highlights from the September 10th 

See the full newsletter here:  Kitchen Angels Fall 2108 Newsletter